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Pegasus Payment Terminal

Pegasus Fuel Island Control Unit

The Pegasus Fuel Island Control Unit (ICU) is the foundation of eFueling's comprehensive range of automated Fuel Management Solutions. Whether you need a single merchant card network unit, a proprietary card system, or a fleet and bank card system communicating with high-speed Internet — the Pegasus platform can meet your needs.

Our totally redesigned units have been through rigorous testing and are certified by ETL to meet ANSI/UL 1238 standards while setting a new benchmark for ease-of-use, dependable operation, expandability and serviceability.

Pegasus' modularity allows customers to configure the features and functionality best suited to their fueling operation and long-term strategy. No other automated fuel management system on the market matches eFueling's technology, flexibility, and expansion options.

Pegasus is housed in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure designed to withstand the worst fuel island conditions. Its user interface consists of an easy-to-read 10.4" color LCD graphic display, a bi-directional waterproof insertion magnetic card reader, a sealed keypad with full alpha and numeric key support, and a robust receipt printer. Pegasus is fully self-contained, eliminating the need for an equipment building and extensive conduit and lowering initial construction costs.



  • Certified PA-DSS / PCI Compliant
  • ETL Certified to UL1238 Standard for use in the US and Canada

Physical Characteristics

  • Enclosure: Engineered for harsh environmental conditions (-40˚F to +167˚F;-40˚C to +75˚C)
  • Card Reader: Long-life, dual-head, encrypted for PA-DSS PCI compliance
  • Receipt Printer: Auto load, high speed, patented tear bar, documented reliability; used in fuel dispensers and kiosks worldwide, paper out and paper low sensors are standard
  • Display: High res 10.4" Color LCD with 10 yr. life; LED High Bright backlight for readability
  • Keyboard: Separate alpha, numeric and function keys; documented long-term reliability
  • Communications: Gigabit Ethernet is standard; analog modem is standard for dial backup for supported merchant card interfaces; optional support for Wireless Bridge high-speed Ethernet link between fuel island and server(s); optional miniPCIe expansion slots for integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi and/or 3G/4G cellular modem
  • Microprocessor Board: Rugged, custom designed by eFueling for maximum reliability in harsh environments, industrial grade modular design supporting industrial Type 10 Com Express Computer On Module
  • Memory/Disk Media: 16GB CFAST Card (industrial-grade SATA SSD) for virtually unlimited storage (to 128GB); 8GB USB Flash drive for continuous transaction backups (Encrypted). The standard 16GB configuration stores 5 million proprietary cards /users and up to 10 million transactions; SQL Server database and expansive disk capacity offer practically unlimited storage and backup
  • Self-Contained: Design eliminates the expense of an equipment building
  • Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 60Hz - 300 watts max
  • Pedestal Dimensions: 44" H x 14.5" W x 6.8" D

General Capabilities

- Smart self-diagnostics & automated email notification (pulser failures, paper low/out, manual override, etc.)
- Enhanced diagnostics for mechanical pumps – detailed time and flow rate analysis
- Enhanced remote support using FuelSoft, Web Portal* and BOMGAR over high-speed Internet connections
- Supports secure direct access, VPN and SSL connectivity (requires additional setup)
- Rapid sync communication interface — ultra high-speed WCF pathway
- Real-time authorization and capture or stand-alone modes
- Complete site and system management via FuelSoft or Web Portal* interface
- Modular, expandable software design for easy field upgrades
- Customizable display for proprietary branding and marketing

ID Device &
User Activation Options

- Keypad entry (standard)
- Magnetic stripe card reader (standard)
- Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems (RFID)
- HID proximity keys and cards
- NFC contact-less payment cards and smartphones*
- Contact and contact-less EMV bank cards*

Proprietary Card Support
as defined in FuelSoft or Web Portal

- Card configurations as card only, vehicle cards, driver cards, or combination with or without PINs
- Customizable prompting via prompts profile
- Club card support regulates access to other merchant card types including bank cards

Account and Card Control
- as defined in FuelSoft or Web Portal

- Period profiles include time and day
- Location profiles include zip code, state
- Product profiles control a comprehensive range-of-use parameters
- Capacity profile limits quantity by product
- Transaction count limits by day, week, month (supports aggregate profile)
- Volume limits by gallons per transaction by day, week or month (supports aggregate profile)
- Defines retail price profile and price group accounts
- Account and/or card level control; most restrictive governs use
- Specific controls can be enforced or relaxed
- Card limits work with pre-existing Track2 layouts by card type or can be overridden by database configuration
- ID device assignment to merchant cards (not including bank or other card types that require PCI Compliance) allows Proximity Keyfob, RFID Tag or proprietary card to be processed like Merchant Fleet Card

Transaction Pricing Options
- as defined in FuelSoft or Web Portal

- Retail pricing by location and/or product with optional date/time restrictions
- Pricing by card type
- Price grouping allows discount rates across accounts
- Site specific pricing capabilities
- Cost-plus or Retail-minus pricing models

Car Wash Support

- Supports all Ryko protocol systems
- Issues wash code on the receipt
- Supports discounted wash with fuel purchase
- PPG wash discount can be set by product purchased

Available Networks

- National Bankcard Services (NBS) for bank, fleet and hosted proprietary card processing‡
- Merchant/Fleet Cards‡
+ Comdata1
+ FleetCor (CFN, Fleetwide, FuelMan)
+ FleetOne
+ T-Chek
+ EFS Fleet
+ Pacific Pride Blue Card1
+ Voyager Fleet – US Bank
+ Fleet Mastercard & Visa Fleet Cards
- eFueling Super Proprietary Card
- Other Networks Available – Please contact us for a more detailed listing of supported card types and networks

Pump Control

Mechanical Pump Control (MPC) Module

- Fleet and commercial dispensers with mechanical registers including electronic display variants
- Eight hose increments, supporting up to 16 hoses in self-contained pedestal
- Email notification of manual override activation and deactivation
- Three fully adjustable timers including maximum transaction time, time to activate, inactivity
- Compatible with standard switch type or open collector electronic pulsers (2, 3, or 4 wire)
- Custom external de-bounce circuitry available

Electronic Dispenser Interface

- Support for all brands of electronic dispensers with or without CRINDs/CATs
- Utilizes Progressive International Engineering (PIE) IP D-Box and Fuel Direct system
- Optional interface such as PAM 5000 or others are available (contact for quote)
- Pricing sign control available†

1 Requires direct purchase of system through Comdata
* Estimated availability Q4 of 2013
‡Requires customer to setup a merchant account
†Optional, requires additional purchase